Find My iPhone is a Life Saving Free App

find my iphone

Find my iPhone is a must-have app. I recently lost my own iphone and WISHED I had had the foresight of downloading the Find My iPhone app. It’s free and for me… it is required.

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A Phone Directory is Useless

phone directory


The phone directory is dead. At least for me. I will never use one again to do anything. If I need a number, I’ll turn to the online phone directory that is the internet.

A lot of people who want to make money use a phone directory to call people and sell them something. I never use a phone directory, people come to me and I make money often while I sleep.

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Shazam is Totally Free to Download


Shazam is totally free, it is for the iphone and other smart phones currently. The technology is pretty impressive, but simple to use. You hold it to a song and it will almost instantly tell you what that song is. Shazam is not always right, but hey… it is free.

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Get XE Currency for Free

xe currency

XE Currency is a free iphone app. Basically, XE Currency tells you the up-to-date conversion rates of various currencies. It is pretty efficient at it too.

You can learn more about XE Currency from this wiki article on it.

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Flixster - Get the App & Make Money


Flixster is a Free iPhone App


Flixster is a free iphone app, similar to Fandango. Flixster will tell you when new movies are coming out, while also using GPS to locate the nearest theater that certain movies are playing at. You can learn more about Flixster by clicking here.

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